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Production factory
Danyang Jinxiang Chemical Factory Jinxiang enterprise was founded in 1995 , and committed to the development and production of pharmaceutical, pesticide, photosensiti ve material intermediates. As the first domestic researching enterprise and owned the invention patent of production method of Di tert butyl dicarbonate (BOC- anhydride, DIBOC) in China. Jinxiang chemical adhere to technological innovation, and constantly improve the production process, improve production technology, has won the national honor, and was identified as "national key high-tech enterprise" and "Jiangsu province high-tech technology enterprises".Now Jinxiang Chemical has four series 30 single species products, mainly are Di-tert butyl dicarbonate, Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate, Adamantane series.
Jinxiang Chemical(Lianyungang) Co., Ltd The company was founded in 2003 and specializing in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The factory is holding four large-scale production workshops and equipping with advanced production facility, adhering to the concept of technology innovation, continuous optimization of the synthesis process and the production process, to ensure production of high-quality products. As the long term relationship partner with a number of internationally renowned companies, Jinxiang chemical has many products at the top of the list in the international market. Mainly products are: Di-tert butyl dicarbonate, Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate,Adamantane series.
Shijiazhuang Blue Whale Chemical Technology Co., LTD The company is committed to R&D, production, marketing of organic chemical. The main direction is developing new  material of pharmaceutical intermediates and process optimization of traditional materials.We have a professional R&D  team with younger members which is establishing cooperation with many university chemical labs and chemical research  institute, and has obtained a lot of new technologies and maturely applied to scale production.
Hangzhou Viablife Biological Technology Co., LTD The company was founded by the Ph.D.Zhan JiXun, who majors in biological engineering in university of Utah. the company focus on biological catalysis and the synthesis of green biological technology development, technology consultation, technology transferring and technical services. The biological halide technology is the first invention in the world, which can replace traditional method of chemical synthesis of halogenated drugs. which can provide economic, green, the new synthetic technology of environmental protection for the majority of pharmaceutical, chemical, food enterprises. At present, our mature products are Biohalogenation kit, Indigoidine hydroxychloroquine Lin series, active natural pigment etc.
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