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  • Di-tert-butyl dicarbonate Medical and organic intermediates, an important amino protective agent. CAS:24424-99-5
  • Diisopropyl azodicarboxylate Liquid blowing agent; pharmaceutical intermediates. CAS:2446-83-5
  • Pyridine sulfur trioxide Pyridine sulfur trioxide is an intermediate of sodium sugar anhydride sodium ester. CAS:26412-87-3
  • Pyridinium tribromide Intermediate of ethyl norgestrienonum, also used as bromating agent in organic synthesis. CAS:39416-48-3
  • Valeric anhydride Used for the raw material of n-Butylphthalide.Used for the synthesis of chemical,... CAS:2082-59-9
  • sodium valerate Used for the raw material of n-Butylphthalide.Used for the synthesis of chemical,... CAS:6106-41-8
  • Tert-Butyl carbazate CAS:870-46-2
  • Danyang Jinxiang Chemical Factory
  • The original manufacturer of DIBOC in China.
  • Jinxiang Chemical Factory was founded in 1995.
  • Research & Development of DIBOC in 2001.
  • Batch manufacturing of DIBOC in 2005.
  • Independent DIBOC factory was founded in 2008.
  • Hebei Shenli Chemical Factory
  • The company was founded in 2006 and specializing in the production of pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The factory is holding four large-scale production workshops and equipping with advanced production facility.
  • The company has three major production workshop,The workshop equipped with sophisticated production equipment, analytical instruments, and strict enforcement of ICHQ7 quality guarantee system.
  • Hangzhou Viablife Biological Technology..
  • The company was founded by the Ph.D.Zhan JiXun, who majors in biological engineering in university of Utah. the company focus on biological catalysis and the synthesis of green biological technology development, technology consultation, technology transferring and technical services.
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